Flexible Endoscopic Evaluation of Swallowing


Mobile Swallowing Diagnostics

In skilled nursing facilities, pneumonia is the most common reason for transfer to the hospital, the second most common infection, and is a leading cause of death. Swallowing impairment (dysphagia) commonly results in pneumonia if not carefully treated. Dysphagia can be very difficult to identify, and even harder to treat -- every swallow may be pushing your patient closer to pneumonia, be you can’t just tell them to quit eating! So what can you do?



Research shows 70% error rate with assessment and treatment of dysphagia using clinical dysphagia assessments only. Misdiagnosing and mistreating dysphagia is likely to happen without an instrumental FEES or video swallow study. This isn’t due to lack of training or competency, it’s simply because we can’t easily assess or treat something we can’t see!

Video swallow studies are hard to schedule – they are expensive and patients often have to be transported to a clinic; sometimes even accompanied by staff. And, it may not even tell you everything you want to know. FEES is better at assessing how patients manage their secretions, surface tissue anatomy, and vocal fold mobility, just to name a few!

Some patients will benefit from having both types of swallowing diagnostics. Click HERE to compare FEES with video swallow studies to help you decide which assessment are best for your patient.

My goal is to provide you and your patients a service that is evidence-based, safe, cost effective, and FEESible! There is a reason why FEES is considered the GOLD STANDARD in dysphagia diagnostics.

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